MRTV News, Myanma Radio and Television is a free-to-air television channel that mainly broadcasts Local news. Radio service in Myanmar first came on air in 1936 during the British colonial era. Regular programming by Bama Athan  began in February 1946 when the British established Burma Broadcasting Service (BBS), carrying Burmese language national and foreign news and musical entertainment, knowledge reply and school lessons and English language news and music programming. After independence in 1948, it was named Myanma Athan . The service was renamed Myanmar Radio  in 1988. The junta has also renamed the radio service's parent, BBS as Myanmar Radio and Television (MRTV) in 1997. Until the launch of Yangon City FM in 2001, BBS/Myanmar Radio was the only radio station in the country. For years, its main broadcast center is at 426 Pyay Road in Kamayut in Yangon. Since late 2007, the main broadcast station has moved to Naypyidaw. Yangon Station now mostly relays Naypyidaw Station's programming. Television service in Myanmar was first introduced in 1979 as a test trial in Yangon. MRTV was first launched on 3 June 1980, and regular television service was first formally launched in 1981.

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Latest Programs
Mad Dog

Choi Kang Woo, who is a former police and leader of Taeyang Insurance's investigators team, decides to create his own investigation team, after an airplane crash that took the life of his wife and son. He then meets Kim Min Joon, a genius former swindler whose brother was also a victim of the crash, thus begin their rivalry and cooperation. The drama portrays the reality of Korea through diverse insurance crimes that are prevalent in the country. There are the 'copy cats' that imitate and improve the existing crimes, and the 'mad dogs' who catch these bad cats. He leads a team that attempts to reveal insurance fraud cases. After losing their family members in a plane crash, a former detective and a swindler, along with a team, embark on a journey to discover truths behind the tragedy and uncover insurance crimes. 

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Law School

Finally, one of the most lauded legal k-dramas of all time is Law School. The 2021 series is set at Hankuk University Law School, where students and professors study and teach law. However, things get complicated when one class starts investigating a strange case and a law professor ends up dead. This is a series with an impressive k-drama ensemble cast and a truly gripping mystery. For those who enjoy a school setting and a large cast, this is the ideal k-drama to watch. It is tense, unexpected, and satisfying.

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Jang Ho-Woo (Kim Myung-Soo) works as an accountant at Taeil Accounting Firm. That company is one of the 4 big accounting firms in South Korea. Jang Ho-Woo happens to be the only employee at Taeil Accounting Firm with just a high school diploma, but he is very intelligent. He faces absurdities at the accounting firm and fights for justice. Meanwhile, Han Seung-Jo (Choi Jin-Hyuk) also works at Taeil Accounting Firm. He has a perfect background and his father works as a vice president at Taeil Accounting Firm.

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My Liberation Notes

"My Liberation Notes" tells a story of three siblings and a stranger. Yeom Chang-Hee is the middle child of the three siblings. He wants to escape from his family's home in Sanpo Village, but he doesn't have a dream and just spends his life meaninglessly. He is looked down upon by his family members. Yeom Mi-Jeong is the youngest child of the three siblings. She would like to be liberated from her boring life, but she is introverted and timid. She is lonely and feels unfulfilled in her life. Yeom Gi-Jeong is the oldest child of the three siblings.

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